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Hey there! I’m Jaydon Nolasco.

I am a videographer and photographer. I love romantics and capturing love and emotion. Every romance is unique & sharing fairytales in a creative and artistic way is something I have a true passion for. I specialize in encapsulating memories into cinematic highlight films that are timeless and everlasting, capturing all your beautiful moments to be enjoyed forever.


I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. South Bay Area to be exact and have been here all my life. Growing up, one thing has always been constant with me, and that is the presence of a camera.


I’ve always enjoyed capturing moments and sharing memories.

For as long as I could remember we always had a camera. My parents loved taking photos. I was also the first child and also the first grandbaby on both sides of the family so there was a lot of me. I remember throughout the 90’s we had a film camera, an instant polaroid camera and we would go through countless disposable cameras. I went through a ton of disposable cameras myself and I loved going to Costco and having my film developed. We had a couple of Chihuahuas during this time and you can probably guess who I practiced on.

As the years went on, I remember our family getting a video camera. One of those really horrible ones by today’s standards that recorded on mini DV tapes. Haha! It was horrible but I loved it so much! I could record random things all day. We still have those only family movies on VHS tapes sitting in a box in my family’s garage! The 90’s nostalgia! As technology progressed, I was the kid that asked for new camera’s for Christmas and for birthdays. I was so happy to even get old hand me downs from uncles. During middle school and high school all my peers were taking mirror selfie photos for Myspace with their Motorola Razrs while I was taking photos with my compact cameras. My parents never let me have a cell phone, but I was happy with my cameras! :) Before YouTube was huge. I was making movies with my brother and cousins to post online. You won’t find them today. They were so embarrassing.

Growing up I was always into art and being creative. Even though I was a scholastic nerd and excelled in school, I was more interested in music and theater. I played a couple instruments, sang in choir and acted in theater and community productions until the first couple years of college. In my first semester of college, I was going the biology route and sitting in my calculus and physics classes, I was looking out the window wondering if this was what I wanted to continue to do for the rest of my life. I realized I would be much happier doing something that challenged my artistic and creative abilities. After the first semester, I switched focuses and decided to major in Film, Television and Radio. Took a ton of film, tv, radio and acting classes.


After struggling going to school full-time and working full-time to be able to afford college, I graduated with an Associate’s from Gavilan College in Media Arts: Television Broadcasting & Broadcast Journalism and from San Jose State University with a Bachelor’s in Film, Television and Radio

Currently residing in San Francisco and I work full-time for a Media & Video Production company in Santa Clara and I am passionate about the freelance projects I have on the side.

This last Christmas my boyfriend got me the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 intstant camera and I instantly fell in love with it. I would tell myself I would never get an instant camera again because I have tons of digital cameras and the cost of film is expensive, around $1 per exposure. I just couldn’t justify the cost of it but when he gifted it to me, I was immediately taken back to my childhood of taking photos with that old Polaroid camera and the excitement that came with waiting for the film to develop.

I love adventures from short day trips to far away expeditions and the first thing I worry about is what camera and which lenses am I bringing.

I love food. And eating with people that mean the most to me while binge watching romantic comedies and romantic dramas. I’m kinda a hopeless romantic.

I love meeting new people and learning their stories and sharing experiences. That’s my favorite thing about what I do. I get to connect with people and help them share their ideas, personalities and experiences. You are totally welcome to connect with me here or through social media. Talk to you soon.

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