Location Scouting in Big Sur

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I make videos full-time plus some. My full-time job is working as an Associate Director for Spiral Moon Media In Santa Clara, California in the South Bay Area. At Spiral Moon, I work on creating more corporate type videos for a variety of clients ranging from Stanford University, Google, Samsung, HP, Nvidia and countless other large companies and corporations as well as small business. I think that’s one of the perks of being in Silicon Valley. Lot’s of these well known tech giants outsource for video production and that allows me a lot of experience working  on different kinds of projects for a variety of clientele.

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Along with that, I am a freelance videographer and photographer. More emphasis on the video side and my main area of expertise is wedding videography. I am really focusing all my resources into my own business in hopes that one day I can do wedding videography full-time. This is where my true passion lies. I love romance and romance movies and television shows. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff and always have been. When I stumbled into wedding videography, I found something where I can combine my passion of filmmaking and my love for romance into something that means so much to a couple and their loved ones.

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But I realize that sometimes I forget to make content for myself. Like many other’s, my life does get busy and hectic producing content for other people and companies. I get lost in my work, not like it’s a bad thing, but just being able to have a camera in my hand without the pressures of client’s expectations and the ticking time clock is actually refreshing. Going out and shooting with a friend is one of my favorite things to do. We can both break out our cameras from their bags and go out on an adventure and just really enjoy ourselves for the day. One of my best friends, Fatima, from fatimajphoto.com, is also a photographer who is all about couples, weddings and elopements. And going on adventures like we used to reminded us of the old days where we didn’t have our own businesses and we were just passionate about capturing our memories.

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Off to the Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur area. It’s about an hour and a half south of San Francisco. If you haven’t been, make it one of your stops in California if you ever get a chance to visit. Gorgeous California coast for miles and epic scenery. If you are into landscapes and photography, then I highly recommend it! I make it out here a few times a year just to hike, visit beaches and submerge myself into nature.

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We had planned to shoot a couple session but due to the rainy and cloudy weather, we decided it was best to reschedule and not take a chance with getting rained out. We did in fact decide to just take the day to look for locations for future shoots that ended in mostly taking photos of each other. Might as well, we also had to see if these places would actually look good on camera. 

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And boy it did. It was such a nice refresher to reset. It was also great to practice my new Lightroom presets for my photos. And I think I've found one I actually like. You'll see in future photos if it actually makes the cut in the long run. 🤪

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