Ranch Wedding in Tres Pinos, California || Anissa & Corey

In all their friend's and family's toasts, it was said countless times that Corey is the right man for Anissa and from the very first moment they saw them together together, they knew Anissa & Corey had something special.


I spent the day with Corey and Anissa in the Tres Pinos and Hollister, California area and made a highlight film for them. But I was able to steal away a few photos whenever I got the chance. It turned out to be a really beautiful day. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. We spent the morning taking the details and preparation shots of the bride and bridesmaids Right before we left for the ceremony was one of the most beautiful moments. The first look with Anissa and her father. The tears from her father’s eyes as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress was priceless. You can tell that this day was something he was imagining since she was a little girl.


After that touching moment, we headed to the church where Anissa and Corey had a traditional Catholic ceremony which included the lassoing of the two to represent their connection to one another and the combining of sand that symbolized their lives merging as one.

The reception was located on their ranch with their closest family and friends. I think something that is truly amazing is that they are able to walk out their front door every morning and see the exact location they spent their wedding day. It must be a daily reminder of the amazing memories from that day. Not many people can say that they can look out the window and relive those memories. So I think that is really special.

The photographer and I were able to steal the bride and groom away from the party for their romantic portrait session where we were able to capture all those romantic and intimate shots and moments. Honestly one of my favorite moments of the wedding day.

I had so much fun capturing their love for one another. They were so adorable and cute and so fun to shoot! Wishing them the ultimate best on the next chapter of their lives for them and their little adorable family.

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